Stepping Stones Festival

Photos taken over the weekend of the Stepping Stones Festival 2017. A mixture of colour and mono, mainely performers. Photos by Marj Baillie
 V5A1758 Daoiri Farrell  V5A1742 bodran farrell  V5A1760 Farrell group  V5A1792 daoiri farrell
 V5A1690 Jake Box  V5A1662 Jake box guitarist  V5A1683 guitar  V5A1665 Jake Box
 V5A1696  MG 0491 Jake Box mono  V5A0711 BOC Mallorca mono  V5A0844 boc mallorca
 V5A0847 boc  V5A0862 violin boc  V5A0869 boc mallorca  V5A1614 Mad Men
 V5A1585 Mad men  V5A1877 Maddy  V5A1573 guitar  V5A1804 bass
 V5A1814 recorder  V5A1869 Maddy  V5A1859 The Carnival Band  V5A1835 The Carnival Band
 V5A1820 singer  V5A1946  V5A1893 Maddy  MG 0198 Brian Bell mono
 MG 0198 Brian Bell  MG 0209 Hadrian's Union drummer  MG 0205 Brian Bell colour  MG 0205 Brian Bell mono
 MG 0224 violin mono  V5A1497 mono  MG 0239 Hadrian's union accordion  MG 0217 Rick Kemp mono
 V5A0998  V5A0999  V5A1029 flute tenth avenue  V5A1043 Dave H Tenth Avenue
 V5A1036  V5A1001 tenth avenue  V5A1337  V5A1340
 V5A1292  V5A1191  V5A1191 story teller  V5A1195 story teller mono
 V5A1210 Ella Joy  V5A1265 Tilly  V5A1263 tilly Ella  V5A1252 Tillly mono
 V5A1252 Tilly  V5A1255 Tillly  V5A0717 Olivers  V5A1123
 V5A1126  V5A1074 Bridie conducts  V5A1078 Bridie  V5A1062
 V5A0770  V5A1509  V5A1285  V5A0784
 V5A0778 accordion hands  V5A0779 hands  MG 0220  V5A0937 Maggie no chairs
 V5A0986 Maggie whistle  V5A1309 violin  V5A1309 violinist mono  V5A1313
 V5A1316 drums  V5A1356 Oyster Band  V5A1361 Oyster band mono  V5A1107 sound sculpture