Marjorie's 2015

A selection of images to illustrate my year
 V5A8024 blip Trafalgar Square  V5A8378 statues  V5A8568
 V5A8595 mono  V5A9698  V5A0058 blip 2027898826844537044
2028258454308654956 2029332038561039408 2061356876251006277  V5A9634 blip
 V5A1689 bridge Skye  V5A1806 sheep  V5A1844 Harris houses  V5A2078 pink sunset
 V5A1763 mono  V5A3197 fishing  V5A3408 sand patterns  V5A2455
 V5A3884 Baile na cille  V5A0137 Mary stand of trees plus grass autumn woods Exmoor
Delicate dawn Rocks and tide  V5A7073 blip  V5A7115 blip hand
 V5A1464 blip  V5A9687 blip  V5A6523 blip  V5A1435
 V5A1396 wall hanging blip  V5A9159 blip  V5A0605 blip Mum Meda Dougals rgb : Douglas, Meda, Outram
 V5A7139 Mollie and Eleanor  V5A7228 Cathy and Philip  V5A9960 : Julie, fracture, neck Ann and Molly
 V5A1183 blip : Blipmeet, bridges, grafitti, Newcastle, Newcastlte  V5A6477 blip CV5A6516 blip  V5A0317 blip
Alice and Richard  V5A9303 blip  V5A0202 Thanks to Maureen Hart for this photo
Corbridge to Eshells group Roger and walkers in thistles  MG 0128 sheep  V5A8749 : Humshaugh, lambs, sheep
 MG 8378  V5A0053 : Howick, Spring, gardens  V5A0039 : Howick, Spring, gardens  V5A1022 clematis : clematis, garden, Humshaugh
 V5A8867 blip  V5A8838 blip  V5A7241 blip-Edit : honesty  V5A0629 blip
 V5A0810 blip kiwi hdr  V5A1403 blip  V5A8659 blip
 V5A4901  V5A9839 blip  V5A6406 blip  MG 7743
DSC00053 Bowlby  DSC0175 blip