Lowther Show 2013

Went to meet the Bradsons team at Lowther Show. A great day out.
Here is the Bradsons' lorry and trailer Bradsons sold tickets all day Charles gives instructions to the air cadets Tony on car park duty
Tony 2, also on car park duty Eddie Charles - the boss Jean, who looks after all the Haltwhistle Walking Festival bookings
By mid morning ticket sales hot up There was a lot of waiting about for various animals. These horses took part in the Medieval Jousting Birds of prey on show A different bird of prey stand
Balloons and presents from one stand Soon had to be carried by Daddy Down by the river, there was concentrated activity amongst the fly makers  MG 6068
 MG 6028  MG 6025  MG 4483  MG 6205
Works of art Early morning practice How accurate can you be?  MG 6063
This man supplied a lot of wood for the obstacles on the carriage driving course Obstacle 1 with Lowther Castle in the distance Here is one of the early carriages and another
The ground was quite slippery because the sun had not yet burnt off the dew  MG 6097 Some people have their own important priorities Thomas 2
Rifle range Taking the money on the range Meeting the beagles We are all a bit wet by now
Most dogs at the show are working breeds, with the occasional "pet" Pairs of hounds who found it hard to stand still and behave like show dogs The Master looks on in the rain Ah, that's better.
There must be a treat in that hand, surely. Another Master watches carefully One of the dancing sheep (yes, I kid you not!) Looks more like a singing sheep to me
Here is the dancing Encouraging his sheep to dance! Lots of traditional crafts I think I met you earlier
The carriage driving goes on all day Here the fours appeared on the course This team made a colourful splash and seemed to be enjoying themselves
 MG 6269  MG 6268 Lots of everyone to see Penny for them?
More carriage driving  MG 6311  MG 6314  MG 6316
 MG 6328 The Essex Dog Display Team An amazing display of obedience and agility using dogs who were impossible for previous owners I felt sorry for this girl
 MG 6362 Looks a bit high for the Yorshire Terrier Will he make it? No problem!
The dogs are trained to cope with fire Here they come Our little star is on show again Plus the bigger dogs
That bearded collie is so enthusiastic Yes, it's him again! The Medieval Knights prepare ot do battle  MG 6498
The Master of Ceremonies whips up enthusiasm in the crowd You may recognise him from TV With the Lord of Lowther Jousting
Fast and furious The carriages keep on coming All fully engaged in the task  MG 6563
Getting ready for the retrieve over fences Go, go, go I am going So am I
I'm very fast Very steady and accurate This one watched and longed to take part Welcome refreshment
Is there any for me? The clay shooting competition Pull He's a good shot
Learning to handle a shotgun Expert tuition Some people don't have ear plugs A more sedated approach with no mistakes
 MG 6593 Go on, you can do it!