Humshaugh Theatre Workshop

With A Bit Crack on Wednesday 5th March, 2014
First things first - meet the photographer and look at her camera Enjoy meeting the photographer - and now, no one is to look at the camera all evening. (This idea worked very well.) Make yourselves into a golf ball Then a beach ball
Another beach ball An armchair Another armchair Testing the armchairs
Will I fit? A tall as you can make it All fall down! As tall as the girls can make it
Piglet falls down! Tales of worms Making a worm or snake on the floor It's a long snake
Close to the ground  V5A7671 snake Even piglet gets in on the act! Learnng the dance
 MG 2776 learning the dance  MG 2779 learning the dance This is how the steps go These boys have got it!
Clapping for the dancers  MG 2832 portrait Then it gets more complicated! Everyone is in the swing of it
 V5A7791 snake  V5A7794 snake  V5A7796 snake Faster and more furious
Faster and faster  V5A7756 jumpint  V5A7765 circles  V5A7769 dance
 V5A7792 dance Now for the main tale of the evening Who has been to Bamburgh? There are funny bits
...........and some scary bits It makes people think .......and wonder what will  happen  V5A7811 listenng
 V5A7812 potrait Everyone was listening very carefully  V5A7807 potrait  V5A7814 portrait
 V5A7815 Andrew Building Bamburgh Castle Exploring the musical instruments  V5A7858 cymbals
 V5A7873 bowl  MG 7793 bowl Making the boat  MG 7783 girl
 MG 7806 girl  V5A7606 girl  V5A7628 girl  V5A7629 Andrew
 MG 7801 girls  V5A7623 balancing Devising the spells Let's see what Jane makes of the spells
Making a cauldron for the poisonous potion  V5A7907 cauldron The beautiful princess  V5A7632 boat
 V5A7634 look up  V5A7637 girl  V5A7643 boys  V5A7645 boy
Constructing the dragon The princess is now a scary dragon The dragon's tail The spells take shape
The band is nearly ready for action (with the conductor shouting instructions!)  MG 7800 musicians Playing in the performance With the bodhran
 MG 7794 drum Here is the boat sailing the sea to bring Childe Wynd back to Bamburgh to rescue his sister The spell makers are about to strike Incanting their spells
Even throwing a spell at the group The queen and her minions are turned into (lively) toads Chris and Ken Ken
Some people are not camera shy!