Humshaugh Theatre Group

Story telling workshop 12 March 2014
Matching sock colour Another fascinating story Listening Enjoying the story
Listening and wondering May I ask a question? Group work - boys Group work - girls
More groups May I tell you?  V5A8285 portrait Oh my goodness!
 V5A8292 oh indeed Negotiating is hard  V5A8301 nufc  V5A8314 boots
 V5A8321 group work  V5A8323 Ella  V5A8327 boys group Writing out the plot
Experimenting with sound Story board Andrew Trying out a new instrument
 V5A8370 instruments  V5A8387 recorder Preparing the movement  V5A8408 listening
 V5A8409 holding the floor  V5A8413 plot The animals are on the move Transformation has occurred
Keep with the beat  V5A8524 smiling The girls' story is told An atom bomb in the making
This is the bomb  V5A8548 spells  V5A8551 thinking  V5A8553 spell
 V5A8556 narrating  V5A8558 princess The princess is a cat  V5A8588 cat
 V5A8593 xylophone  V5A8596 sharon Last story of the day  V5A8607 listening
 V5A8614 Sharon  V5A8618 listening A few mono images  V5A8343 flute mono
 V5A8455 Andrew