Humshaugh Scarecrows 2016

We thought this one might win The Queen was outside the house at the George, welcoming people to the village Tim and Louise's house And their scarecrow!
Judith Taylor's effort And her sidekick - probably made by Judith too. The cricketer at the pant. Looks a bit on the tubby side to me! Workmen at the George. They fooled a few people who just glanced their way.
The traffic cop is in the village for a few days. A doctor and nurse share a healthy lunch Tina's bat scarecrow. This won the prize Hoovering the lawn? What next.
A terrifying pirate who had caught a mermaid Something dreadful has happened Then I made a gruesome discovery! This was one of my favourites
Melting rapidly in the school garden A hiker near your house I think they are from Frozen?? The owl was prepared to share his food
Fisherman at the George An extra driver for Jewitts The garage man looks very strong Not a scarecrow, but me at Kirklinton House at the Stepping Stones Festival (Maddy Prior and Steeleye Span were on later)