Hadrian Singers at Stepping Stones Festival

The Hadrian Singers of Haltwhistle sang on Sunday 12th June at the Stepping Stones Music Festival at Kirklinton Hall.
Photos by Marj Baillie and Maureen Hart (c)
Kirklinton Hall was a wonderful venue for the festival The roses are particularly beautiful Some hid in quiet corners Our on the lawn there were instruments for all to play
06- V5A4147 Alison and friend 08- V5A4156 12- V5A4167
Maureen caught Marj testing the equipment Marj and Wendy by Maureen You needeed a lot of puff and a good embouchre to make a note. This lad was proficient. 11- V5A4168
A very good effort here. James had headed straight for the bar! There was a clog dancing workshop just before a very important performance 02- V5A4131
Alison and Will Higgs family put in an appearance and there was a tent for young babies on the lawn.  V5A4192 Splendid hats were on show. The sound equipment was impressive
Here they are - the ones you were waiting for The Hadrian Singers at Stepping Stones 18- V5A4205 19- V5A4207
They sang very well indeed Robin did all the tenor solos 23- V5A4218 24- V5A4221
25- V5A4222 Bridie encouraged the choir 27- V5A4226 28- V5A4230
29- V5A4232 30- V5A4235 31- V5A4236 32- V5A4239
34- V5A4250 35- V5A4251 37- V5A4264 Their set came to a close all too soon.
Taffy the story teller Ian Brown popped up now and then Treble in Mind Treble in Mind
Treble in Mind Ian Brown and the fastest raffle in the world! Bridie Jackson sets up Bridie Jackson and the Arbour
Bridie and the Arbour sang and played beautifully 09- V5A4305 10- V5A4310 11- V5A4319
14- V5A4331 15- V5A4337 16- V5A4344  V5A4361
17- V5A4364 Wild Men of Baroque Steeleye Span  V5A4507
Steel Eye guitar 18- V5A4479 Maddy Prior mono  V5A4504
The amazing Maddy Prior All that was left at the end!