Walk in Haltwhistle Autumn Walking Festival, 2014. Photos by Marj Baillie
Phil Bowyer is our expert for the day The first earth bound cup marked rock we see  MG 2407 Lil, Joan, Ann and Jenny listen attentively
Jaqui  MG 2412 How to identify a genuine cup mark The trees near Goatstones Farm
In amongst the rushes there are exciting finds. At the Goatstones Stone Circle This herd stands on an ancient settlement Joan enjoys the walk
Jenny sketching at lunchtime  MG 2443 Will sketching at lunchtime Can you see who it is in his picture?
Exploring the magnificent Standing Stone Rigg View of Greenlee Lough to the west Outside the sheep stell Helene meets Harry
Michael and Harry (his devoted companion) Lil Bruce and Helene The first snake walk
Adding in more people Turning to find the boundary lines Phil leads a second snake walk Is this eroded or a cup mark? (Note overlapping edge on one side)
 MG 2495