A holiday on Lewis and Harris

Two weeks of beautiful weather on the islands of Lewis and Harris, with a trip to St Kilda.
Arriving at Ullapool The start of beautiful calm weather A welcome sight A special seat in memory of Sandy Ross. There is a fiddle and a cat
Ullapool - A Talla Solais art centre The whisky chasers (one out of the photo!) Ullapool Choosing the best view for the picnic
Patience may be rewarded Boy by the water's edge  DSC9926 "The best coffee west of Melbourne"
Great care was taken in the preparation Leaving Ullapool for Stornoway  DSC9957 On board
Everyone wants to be in a picture The funnels Arriving at Baile-na-Cille Hale Bopp is my new friend
Walking on the beach during my first evening Oyster catchers Hale Bopp came with me to show me the way Old fencing
First night at Baile na Cille. The deer are coming down from the hills because it is so dry. The Lewis chessman at Ardroil Across the bay Walking inland. Grasses blowing in the wind
The peat is relatively dry this year One of the high lochans Dragonfly Cotton grass growing in great swathes on the machair
The beautiful and dangerous beach at Mangersta Warm enough for paddling Yes, it was this colour  DSC0222
There are many coloured rocks on the shore There are several quiet beaches and bays on the road to Mealasta I was fascinated by the waves on this beach Three shots of the sloping beach
Second shot Third shot  DSC0388 Back at Baille na Cille
The ancient stems of horsetail Walking south from Mealasta to find the tomboli Mealasta Tim looks down on the two tomboli
A rock pool on the first Tim does his exercises As we leave we note that the sand is covered in footprints The light in the evening is beautiful
The path to Mangersta beach with bird's foot trefoil and common cotton grass To the south fo Mangastera beach Which way to the bothy? En route to the bothy
Tim is in need! Approaching the bothy Sea thrift The cliffs just beyond
The view from the bothy Sea thrift everywhere Inside the bothy Tim, Hazel and Dorothy who had an unspoken dress code!
On Reef Beech Who or what is she? From Reef Beach In the Iron Age House at Bosta
The graveyard at Bosta has several graves of men who died at sea  DSC0504 On the drive south I stopped to photograph water lilies  DSC0517
 DSC0520 Seen in Northton, my next stopping place The trip to St Kilda started early Approaching St Kilda
The village on Hirta from the sea Inflatables are used to go onshore The crew return for the next batch of travellers The volunteers on the island are often busy with maintenance jobs
A welcome from the National Trust of Scotland warden Walking towards the old church The WWI QF gun erected after a German submarine attack on the island Inside the chapel
The lectern  DSC0565 All the pews have been donated. A communion token, issued to people who were allowed to take the Sacrament, being "fit people to receive communion"
In the school room  DSC0572 The Soay sheep who live here are quite tame, but also a bit scruffy The Street, where everyone in the original community lived
 DSC0593 There were nesting birds everywhere The waterfall was almost dry An immature bonxie (great skua)
The Street with numerous cleits and small enclosures on the hillside The island of Dun is almost joined to Hirta Common spotted orchids A cleit in the foreground. These were used for storage (eggs, feathers) and to shelter animals
A cleit with Dun in the background and the boats in the bay I climbed up to the Gap. This lamb was trapped in a cleit and I rescued it. The mother was nowhere to be seen and the lamb was hungry Can you see the lamb heading down to the village?
From the gap you see steep cliffs on either side Being a bit arty before returning to the boat There was quite a swell as we approached the stacks  DSC0680
 DSC0682 Here is the largest gannet colony in th world  DSC0706  DSC0715
 DSC0721 Stac Lee Stac Lee The gannets
 DSC0737 gannets There are several caves Getting rather close to the rocks (in my opinion!) Finally we found a few puffins
Back at Leverburgh and the RNLI were preparing for a training session Driving towards Rodel The sunset was not spectacular but very pretty My last morning in Northton and one of the beaches
Walking out towards the Temple beyond the third beach The machair at Northron A view from Scalpay Luskentyre beach on my last evening
Luckentyre never fails to delight The lost property deparment at Luskentyre beach! Back on Skye at the start of the long journey home The weather broke, but not until my holiday was almost over
Sea pinks/sea thrift was growing in great swathes The cuckoo flower, accompanied by the cuckoo  DSC0148 Spider in cocoon
Marsh orchid (I think) Louse wort Carnation sedge Bird's foot trefoil (bacon and eggs)
LRG  DSC0015 Spring Squill Cotton grass Marsh marigolds
Primroses Lichens Sea Thrift Butterwort
Flag iris Moss campion Marsh marigolds In Richard's garden
In Richard's garden LRG  DSC0353 LRG  DSC0355 LRG  DSC0505
LRG  DSC0508