A holiday at Baile na Cille

Seven days in June 2018
Arriving after 2 days of travel. The sign is a welcome sight Hale Bopp is my new friend Who likes to chase anything that is thrown for her Flag irises are coming into bloom
A familiar picture of the house Hale Bopp and I explore the beach on my first evening The oystercatchers are nesting and are very vocal Hale Bopp is ever watchful
Marsh marigolds near the house LRG  DSC0021 An old  piece of fencing Second morning on the beach
The deer are coming down from the hills because of the lack of rain The Lewis chessman at Ardroil  DSC0034 Sea thrift is blooming on the machair
Cuckoo flowers and cuckoos calling The peat hags ar relatively dry and there may be two cuts taken this year Sun dew. This is the oblong leaved variety A marsh orchid
Louse wort One of the small lochs inland of Timsgarry On the path to Mangastera beach Birds foot trefoil
The beach is rarely as crowded Cotton grass in swathes along the path Mangastera from above  DSC0217
 DSC0222  DSC0234  DSC0238 There are several small bays on the road to Mealasta
 DSC0365  DSC0373  DSC0374  DSC0379
 DSC0388 Horsetail, a primtive plant, growing near Baile na Cille Hazel and Dorothy on our walk to the tombolos Mealasta
Tim and the tomboli (os)? A rock pool on one Tim has to exercise daily  DSC0440
 DSC0444 Which way to the bothy? On the way to the bothy Tim was in dire need
We found the bothy The cliffs beside it are very steep The view is superb  DSC0469
 DSC0472 The dress code for the day!  DSC0479 Reef beach
Primroses Lichens Sea Thrift Birds foot trefoil (bacon and egg plant)
LRG  DSC0061 Butterwort Spring Squill Common cotton grass
Flag iris Moss campion In Richard's garden LRG  DSC0508
LRG  DSC0353 LRG  DSC0355  DSC0507  DSC0511
On my way south to Northton  DSC0517  DSC0520